Historical fencing group Taranis is an amateurish association of fencers, who focus on high and late middle ages. To this fact correspond also armour and weapons of this group. The full-plate armours, which are mainly from the end of 15th century, were used by knights in arenas all around the then Europe.

There is also a large variability of used weapons. There are almost all kinds of them, but the most often used weapons are of course swords, but also axes, flails, maces, hunting swords or spears.

You can see not only duels, but also fights of trios, quartets and even a mass clash of more than 13 fully armoured knights at one time.

Nowadays Taranis offers designed programs, in which the fencing art is embedded into a theatrical performance, while we try to balance the story and the fencing. Of course we offer also a classic tournament, where we mainly focus on duels.

Because we have in the repertoir several kinds of performances , we are able to adapt and adjust them according to customer’s wishes. The performances can be both public and private.

If you are interested in us and if you want to visit us at some event, look into the section EVENTS for more information. You can also contact us by e-mail: logres.taranis@seznam.cz, or by phone: +420 737 866 738.
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