Taranis was founded in 1990 by Jiří Mitroci in Zbýšov and in the same year they began to train in castle in Rosice u Brna, where they are till now.

The group gradually expanded and perfected their fencing art and equipment. Since 1991, together with Rosice castle, they’ve organized festival „Rytířské klání o srdce dívek a paní“.

We also took part in shooting some movies, for example fairy-tales „O lněné kytli“ and „O perlové panně“. From 2001 for several years we focused on 8th to 10th centuries (Slavs and Vikings), but nowadays we focus only on high middle ages, which have been already said in the beginning.

As it usually happens, time brings us new warriors, while others leave. Some members are in the group since its foundation, make its core and are active till now, so they fully deserve the name „Iron Fist“.
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